Since its inception the market has had three main criteria for choosing vendors:


 Quality of product
The need of the market for the product
The potential for regular attendance.

This market is a producer market. That means for farmers that you grow or are the official representative of the grower of the products you wish to sell. This also means that upon acceptance to the market you agree to farm visits to inspect and certify your compliance.

As a farmers market our policy is always farmers first. However, in order to enhance the market experience and service for our many loyal customers we allow a mix of baked goods and other prepared foods as well as a number of community service booths.

The market rewards attendance. Fees for year round attendance are $13/wk if paid on a monthly basis and $20 daily. To qualify as a year round vendor no more than 4 consecutive weeks can be missed without prior approval. Each 4 week period after that raises the fee by $3/wk for the monthly and $2 for the daily up to a limit of 3 additional 4 week periods. After that anyone participating is considered a seasonal vendor. Seasonal vendors are not guaranteed a spot in the market.

Proof of compliance with all required federal, state, and local regulations for the sale of a desired product must be to available on demand at every market attended to participate in the market.

The security of all products, tents and display materials is the sole responsibility of the individual vendor. As such each is responsible for all liability from loss or damage caused by their participation in the market. 

No one may sell at the market without an approved application.


                    Code of Conduct


In order to maintain a positive environment for our customers and vendors a few rules are required.

This market has a three strikes and you are out policy. Strikes do not go away with time and if one is removed from the market there is no readmission in the future.

Any vendor blatantly questioning another vendor’s products to other vendors or our customers is a strike. These matters must be handled by the manager and director.

Any product offered for sale and found not to be produced by the seller is a strike.

The market starts at 4:00pm and setup can begin by 2:00pm. Any setup or opening of tents before 2:00 pm is a strike.

Continual tardiness by setting up consistently after 4:15pm is a strike.

The market seeks to promote a healthy environment. Therefore, smoking by vendors within the market during market hours is a strike.

Physical threats or excessive verbal harassment of anyone is three strikes and grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the market.

So the basic philosophy is: Keep it simple. Bring out a great product and cheerfully present it to your neighbors in our community for three hours each week. Then come back next week and do it again in the continuous seasonal round.