Featured This Week

@Celebration Pointe

Sept. 30th, The month of September markets comes to an end with an expanding array of  products. Bring a friend with you this Wednesday and help continue to expand its vibrancy. Celebration Pointe is the place to be on Wednesdays now. Hours are 4-7pm every Wednesday- rain or shine. It is also worth noting that Snap/EBT is at the Celebration Pointe market.

Here is what should be at the market this week. Chestnuts are now in season with persimmons soon to come. Key limes are being harvested. Cabbage is still coming in. Cut flowers are available. Salad mix, sprouts, lettuce in limited amounts and arugula continue to yield. Radishes are available. Okra is in season. Summer peas are being harvested. Summer type squash is still available along with butternut and other winter squashes. Leeks, scallions, and Florida Sweet onions are being offered. Root crops such as ginger and turmeric remain prolific. Moringa is available. Collards continue to yield. Sweet potatoes and are being offered. Mushrooms are available. Organic cherry and plum tomatoes are in season as well as multiple varieties of greenhouse and field grown tomatoes. You will also find local honey. Cucumbers fresh and pickled are offered each week. Peppers-both sweet and spicy- are continuing to yield. Potatoes are being offered in multiple colors. Grass fed beef, pork,chicken, eggs and milk as well as seafood and fresh pasta can be found every Wednesday. Vegan prepared foods is also available. Fresh lemonade and ice cream are served each week along with a wide variety of prepared foods. Music starts at 4:00 with Danny Sohn, Ted Wright at 5:00 and the INspiration at 6:00.