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Market closed permanently 1/21/21

Jan. 21st, The market closed permanently on 1/21/21. Thank you to all our loyal customers, vendors and musicians over almost 25 years.


Here is what could have been at the market  if it could have continued. Pak choi, lettuce, and greens are increasing in yield. Sugarcane is being harvested. Cabbage is in. Cut flowers are offered each week. Salad mix, sprouts, lettuce and arugula are back in season and available. Radishes have come on strong. Butternut and other winter squashes are in season with Seminole pumpkins soon to follow. Leeks, scallions, and Florida Sweet onions are being offered. Root crops such as ginger and turmeric remain available. Moringa is offered each week. Collards continue to yield. Sweet potatoes have begun their new season. Cherry and plum tomatoes are in season as well as multiple varieties of greenhouse tomatoes. Mushrooms are back. You will also find local honey. Cucumbers fresh and pickled are offered each week. Peppers-both sweet and spicy- are continuing to yield. Potatoes are being offered in multiple colors. Grass fed beef, pork, eggs and milk as well as seafood  can be found every Wednesday. Vegan prepared foods is also available.



Total: 1,986,400 22240